Clumsy Swordsman - First Post - Playable Build

This is the first playable build of the game.

The game has a lot of room for polish and improvement, but it is in a state that it is fun to play.

I'm looking for feedback on the game physics. I want the swords to feel weighty, while the players feel a bit floaty and agile. This is going to change between weapons, but I'm interested in knowing what people think of it as is.

Currently there are...

  • Two Maps
  • One Weapon
  • One Game Mode (Last Man Standing)

I want to implement..

  • 7 - 8 Maps
  • As many weapons as I can think of
  • More Game Modes
    • King of the hill
    • Death Match
  • A Much Better Menu
  • Some prettier sprites


ClumsySwordsman.jar 12 MB
Sep 01, 2017

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